Shisha Camping Stove

High quality Shisha Camping Stove for shisha charcoal. Hookah Gas cooker is perfectly suited to make shisha coals glow.

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High quality processed cartridges cooker for shisha charcoal. Outlet flame infinitely variable thanks to a rotary valve. Ideal for all who need a small, solid cartridge cooker.

Cartridge cooker for 190g - Cartridges
Power: 1200 Watt max.
Power infinitely variable adjustable
Gas consumption: 13-45 g/h
Housing made of stable plastic
Height approx. 20 cm
Packaging: cardboard

Included in delivery:
1 Camping Stove

Safety instructions:
•Read the instruction manual!
•The device run hot during the usage, do not touch - risk of burning!
•Do not let the gadget unattended while it is running.
•Gas cartridge is flammable - Leads to severe fires on contact with sparks, flames, heat.
•Gas cartridge may explode when heated; very cold liquid may cause burns.


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